Every watch on our site is in stock and generally ships out within one business day of receipt of your order and verification ( settlement ) from our bank/ credit card company. All orders ship insured overnight priority through parcel pro ( a UPS company)

Payment by Credit Card

Orders paid by credit card will be shipped only after the credit card company has approved and “settled” the order. Please note that all orders must be shipped to the address on file with your credit card company.  If you would like your order shipped to an address that is different, other than the one on record with the issuing bank, we ask that you contact your credit card company by calling the phone number on the back of your credit card, and request to place an “alternate shipping address” on record, so that we can verify this information. By stating that you want an “alternate shipping address” it will simply be a notation on your record and should not cause any change in your billing information. It is another fraud-prevention method that we use to be certain that we are dealing with the actual cardholder.

Payment by Wire

Orders paid by wire will be shipped on the day we receive confirmation of the funds from our bank. Please note that we accept wire transfers only.  No ACH'es or other forms of electronic transfer will be accepted.